Monday, 29 January 2018

Gilera Saturno

Gilera Saturno

Gilera was a big player in the realm of 1950s motorbike manufacturing.  After that, the firm met with mixed fortunes.  Gilera's Fifties flagship - the Saturno - was launched in '46.  Rolled out in 'Sport', 'Touring', and 'Competition' modes, the Saturno would sell well for years to come.

The Saturno 'production racer' was a hit both on road and track.  Competitive for many seasons, it remained so for some time after its production run finished - at the fag-end of the '50s.

In road-going form, the Saturno stayed tethered to the tarmac - thanks to its telescopic forks, and vertical rear shocks.  Indeed, it would gain a reputation as a 'performance bike' of its day.  Towards the end, Gilera was linked with Piaggio, Vespa - and the scooter scene, generally.  Illustrious marques though they were, Gilera's glory years were behind it.  Bikes like the Saturno, though, still shone a light for past success.

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