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Friday, 12 January 2018

Norton NRS 588

Norton NRS 588

The 'rotary' Norton was the brainchild of engineer Brian Crighton. His innovative project was at first rejected by Norton management. Crighton threw the bike together, anyway - in the caretaker's shed! Subsequently, it performed so well in speed tests that Norton's top brass had a change of heart. They gave the green light for the bike's development.

Riders Trevor Nation and Steve Spray were joined at the hip with the 'JPS Norton'. Their immaculate leathers - black, silver and gold - were an iconic sight at British circuits. They blended in beautifully with a bike guaranteed to make misty-eyed any seasoned spectator of the time. Top racer 'Rocket Ron' Haslam also played a pivotal part in the bike's success.

Revered for its jet-like straight-line speed, the rotary's engine braking - or lack of it - made cornering more of a challenge! This could be the source of considerable mirth ... so long as no-one was seriously injured! An iconic racebike, then. All thanks to Brian Crighton, and his powers of perseverance ... and self-belief!

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