Friday, 2 February 2018



BMW's 'Boxer' motor has been a motorcycling stalwart for decades - and shows no signs of stopping!  It was dubbed the Boxer because of the way the flat-twin's pistons 'punch' their way in and out ... or, 'reciprocate', for the technically-minded.  In fact, that results in surprisingly swift progress - given that it is not a layout renowned for its sophistication. Hey, if it works, keep it simple!

Okay, so the R90S may have been a tad behind its rivals in terms of all-out power stats.  But it more than made up the deficit with its styling.  A neat bikini fairing topped off smoked orange paint. The R90S was a visual delight!

BMW bikes - and their riders - have long enjoyed a unique position within the biking fraternity.  A BMW is the machine of choice for the respectable, law-abiding biker.  Well-heeled - and without the hell-raising - you could say!  By blending calm solidity, and Teutonic good looks, the BMW R90S can be considered a two-wheeled design classic.

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