Friday, 9 February 2018

Kawasaki Z1

Kawasaki Z1

The Kawasaki Z1 was nick-named the 'King' ... which kind of says it all! Suffice it to say, it was well-received, on its release, in 1973. Bikers had been force-fed a diet of old technology for years - usually due to lackadaisical management. That was blown away by the Oriental invasion. When the Japanese bikes disembarked at the Isle of Man - for their initial visit - 'Brit bikes' were dead in the water. The TT victories which followed had presaged the future, for road-bikes. With the 'Z1', that future arrived!

The Z1's twin-camshaft, four-cylinder motor left its competitors gasping for breath! The ageing 'thumpers', twins and triples simply could not compete. The Z1 roadster took cycle parts, too, to a new level. The 'King' came, saw, and conquered! It was not long before the British bike industry was a mere memory.

The Z1 heralded Kawasaki's iconic 'Z'-series. Hail the Japanese superbike! Never again would bikers settle for second-rate. From then on, a test-ride served up good performance and decent handling - or the deal was off! The Kawasaki Z1 had secured its place in motorcycling's pantheon. And as for 'Brit bikes' ... the king was dead, long live the 'King'!

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