Thursday, 1 February 2018

Laverda Jota

Laverda Jota

A Seventies superbike, if ever there was one, the Laverda Jota matched proper performance, with rugged good looks.  In '76, the Jota's top speed stat of 140mph was pretty impressive ... especially, for a bike with just three cylinders.

The Jota was exotic in a way only an Italian bike can be!  Yet it easily might never have appeared at all.  Just prior to the Jota, Laverda were knocking out some pretty average - sorry, affordable - motorcycles.  At the same time, cheap cars - such as the Fiat 500 - were rolling into Italian showrooms.  As a consequence, Laverda very nearly went out of business!  Classic motorcycle afficionados will forever rejoice that - in the nick of time - Laverda management changed tack.  They began producing the gorgeous 2-wheeled products for which - from then on - they would be renowned.

But the Jota is not an entirely Italianate affair!  It was the bike's British importer which suggested to Laverda top brass that they pack yet more power into what was already a perfectly pukka motor.  The Italian marque accepted the challenge.  Laverda Jota lovers have been ecstatic ever since!  Now, at last, they had an engine which did full justice to the impeccably-drafted design lines of a truly classic bike.

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