Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

As glamorous as they are, not many bikes have made it in the movies!  One that swanned serenely across screen was a Harley- Davidson.  The film was Electra Glide in Blue.  The Electra Glide lived up to its star billing!  It caught Harley-Davidson's 'free-wheeling' spirit, to a tee.  A kingpin of long-legged tourers, the 'Glide' was American to the core.  It was built to go places!  'It's a big country', as another American movie correctly stated.

Styling-wise, the Glide is pure Harley.  Big everything, basically!  Big fenders, big tyres, big tank.  Big attitude, too.  No marque does machismo quite like Harley-Davidson.  If you do not like being looked at, don't even think about going there!  As in the movies - on a Harley, you are a star.  Whether you want to be, or not! There are those who would give anything for that kind of kudos - as the company accounts no doubt confirm!  Though, having started in a shed in Milwaukee, the Harley brand-name has paid its fair share of dues.

On the technical front, numbers are suitably huge.  The '65 Electra Glide's motor was 1,198cc - with a 100.6mm stroke.  In a word, 'torquey'!  That translated into a top speed of 95mph ... which was pretty quick.  And - thanks to all that torque - getting there was even quicker!  Mind you, 770lb was a lot of weight to shift, so the Glide needed its 'pulling-power'.  But, as a movie star, it was always going to have plenty of that.  The Electra Glide ripped up the red carpet in style.  To paraphrase a line from yet another movie ... 'Here's looking at you, bike'!

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