Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1970s Japanese classic motorcycle

The most luxurious motorcycle ever made? Gotta be the Honda Gold Wing! Whichever 'Wing' you choose, there are always a few constants. It will be big, it will be heavy - and, surest of all, it will be comfortable. So comfortable, indeed, that care may be called for. When riding a motorcycle, it pays to be alert - and on a bike as relaxing as the Gold Wing, that could pose a problem!

Not that such concerns hindered the Wing's sales figures. Sumptuousness came as standard for over 20 years. Given its gargantuan girth, the Wing was a surprisingly smooth and compliant mount. A dry weight of 571lb was a lot to coax through corners ... and more than a handful to haul up. But, on both counts, the Wing scored well. Indeed, the 'Aspencade' came with a compressor ... for on-board suspension adjustment!

The Gold Wing is a cult machine. For an owner, the 'season' is a long one. Motorcycle rallies cascade like confetti, for those married to a Wing! The bike has always been big in the US - but Europe, too, has hosted many a Gold Wing get-together. In fact, the Gold Wing has gone global! Wherever there is a road, there will be a Wing flying up it, sooner or later. And with a top speed of 122mph ... it will not take long to traverse it!

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