Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo was technically a roadster ... though that is about as far as it went!  Red-blooded racing ran in its veins.  The name said it all.  Founder of the myth that is 'Maranello', Enzo Ferrari's legacy is secure.  'The Professor', Alain Prost - French F1 legend - once said he did not know why racing drivers do what they do.  Cars like the Enzo - with its 660bhp power rating - probably provide a few clues!

There were striking links between the Enzo and Ferrari's F1 car of the day.  Its CFC/Nomex body panels, for example, bear a strong resemblance to those of the GP car.  Beneath those panels sat a carbon-fibre monocoque - similar,again, to that of the F1 car.  Even the Enzo's V12 engine was cut from the same GP cloth ... well, in terms of layout, at least!  Huge venturis modelled 'ground-effect' - the set-up which 'glues' GP cars to the tarmac.  And the Enzo was kitted out with 'active aerodynamics' - a system not too far removed from that of the top competition cars.  Its brake discs were carbon-ceramic composites.

Matching all that tech spec, visually, might have been a challenge.  Pinanfarina, though, spared Ferrari's blushes.  The great Italian design house had long been associated with the 'prancing horse' marque.  They fulfilled Ferrari's brief to perfection - supplying carbon-fibre solutions, inside and out.  Ferrari had problems, though, when the Enzo went on sale.  Not because of any problems with the product.  Because it was so sought-after - even with a £425,000 price tag - all 349 Enzos sold out within hours!  Attempting to placate frustrated buyers, Ferrari scaled up production to 400!  One of the most finely-wrought supercars ever made, the Ferrari 'Enzo' was a fitting tribute to the man who inspired it.

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