Monday, 23 April 2018

Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert Apollo

Roland Gumpert - the Apollo's developer - had been Audi's 'Director of Motorsport'.  So, he knew a bit about engineering!  Visually, a hotchpotch of rectangles and squares, many a supercar is easier on the eye.  Few, though, can live with it, technically.  The Apollo is certainly a masterpiece - but more one of cutting edge science.

Saying that, its layout is far from radical.  Its two-seater, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive set-up is par for the supercar course.  But the Apollo wrings every last drop out of it!  Its tubular frame is rock-solid.  The fibre-glass bodywork is light as a feather.  Suspension is double wishbone all round - the dampers fully adjustable.  They are joined inboard by 6-piston ventilated disc brakes.  And the Apollo is nothing, if not aerodynamic!  On top of its wind-cheating shape, it sports a subtle rear spoiler.  Beneath, sits a finely-hewn undertray.  Within it, two venturis stretch the length of the car ... doling out huge dollops of downforce.  The Apollo's engine is equally impressive.  The turbo- charged 4.2-litre Audi V8 gives gut-wrenching performance. Enough to reach 220mph.  0-60 appears in a mere 3.0s!

The Apollo, though, can be more docile.  Controls are power-assisted.  The V8 grunt is manageable.  Cruising is a breeze, compared with many a highly-strung rival.  The roomy cabin is positively relaxing.  Four-point safety harnesses are standard.  In many ways, the Gumpert Apollo is a real-world runabout ... albeit, in a space-age skin!

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