Thursday, 17 May 2018

Benelli Sei 750

Benelli SEI 750
It is a given that the Italians are design masters.  In engineering terms, too, they have often been ahead of the game. Whether that held true for the Benelli Sei, though, is a moot point.  The Sei was visually impressive, certainly.  But the jury was out, when it came to performance.
The Sei's six-cylinder engine - sei is Italian for six - looks superb.  As do its twin sets of stacked pipes.  Horsepower, however, is another story.  Even by 1975 standards, the Sei's top speed stat of 118mph was hardly earth-shattering!  In the '70s superbike surge, Benelli's rivals - Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Laverda - all supplied quicker machines.
It was not as if Benelli did not know a thing or two about fast bikes.  They were GP 250cc world champions in 1950 - and again in 1969.  In the case of the Sei, though, the racing success did not trickle down to the roadster.  Saying that, the sleek contours of its sturdy 'six-pack' went a long way toward mitigating what the Benelli Sei 750 lacked in the 'go' department.

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