Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Kawasaki Z 1300

Kawasaki Z 1300

The Kawasaki Z 1300 is one of a select set of motorcycles that sport six cylinders.  By definition, such an engine packs impact.  In the case of the Z 1300, though, not as much as you would think.  Why so?  The radiator grille plastered across it!  In profile, it is an impressive piece of kit.  But, visually, the Z 1300 paid a price for water-cooling.

Top speed for the big Z was 135mph - which it reached with ease.  That, from a capacity of 1286cc, and an output of 120bhp.  A bike with a wet weight of 670lb was never going to be exactly agile!  Though, saying that, the handling was adequate.

Though there have been other '6-pots' since, the Z 1300 will always be ranked alongside Honda's CBX1000Z.  Another Seventies siren, it radiated 'six appeal'!  The 'CBX', though, was a brash brute of a bike - more muscular even than the 'Z13'.  The Kawasaki Z 1300 blended power with refinement.  In many ways, the perfect motorcycle ... apart from that darned grille!

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