Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Mondial 250

Mondial 250
The motorcycle manufacturer FB Mondial may have been small - but it had entrenepeurial spirit by the shedload!  Bespoke to the core, its products were masterpieces of creative engineeringMondial was based in Bologna, Italy - and racing was its raison d'être.

The firm was not short of star riders!  The great Mike 'The Bike' Hailwood campaigned Mondial 250s, in '59 and '60 - with much success.  Before that, Mondials had won the opening three 125cc world championships - the first in '49.  And in '57, Mondial won both the 125 and 250cc GP series.

Such feats, though, do not come cheap!  In the end, Mondial were unable to sell enough roadsters to foot the bill - and so retired from racing.  But, their bikes - resplendent in silver and blue - still thunder round racetracks to this day.  A salutary reminder of when beauty was built to last!

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