Velocette Venom Thruxton

Velocette Venom Thruxton 1960s British classic motorcycle

'Velocette' was a stylish name for a manufacturer of sleek, sophisticated motorcycles. 'Venom Thruxton' was likewise apt. 'Venom' was descriptive of the ferocity of the bike's tuned engine. While 'Thruxton' was, and is, an English racetrack - the free-flowing layout of which was perfect for giving the bike its head!

The Thruxton was essentially a road bike - though one easily converted to Clubmans / production racer spec. Along with its potent motor, it boasted rock-solid suspension, light alloy wheel-rims, and a twin-leading-shoe front brake. On the open road, the Thruxton cruised at 90mph. That was good going in 1965 ... especially from a single piston!

Styling-wise, the Thruxton was all purposeful solidity. That was complemented by the finesse of the fishtail silencer, and ventilated front-brake. The jet-black paintwork is moodier than Marlon Brando on a bad day! And the cursive script of the logo sets off a sweet tank to a tee. A combination, then, of rugged good looks and brute power, the Venom Thruxton spat sweet poison. Best not to get too close ... however alluring the aroma of its 'Castrol R' oil!

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