Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Japanese sports motorbike

'Fast', 'dynamic', 'exciting' ... just three of the descriptions provided by the letter 'Z', when attached to a Kawasaki motorbike. The ZX-6R - released in 2003 - deserved all of those plaudits, and more. A race-bred riot on wheels, it had a licence to thrill, on the road, too. As uncompromising as they come, the ZX-6R made 116bhp ... and that was before the ram-air system kicked in! Top speed was 160mph - impressive for a 636cc 'middleweight'. The fact that the bike weighed in at just 354lb could only assist its awesome acceleration.

The ZX-6R's chassis was well up to the task of keeping all this power in line. Among its attributes were twin radial front brake calipers - derived directly from Kawasaki's racing programme. For sure, the ZX-6R's seats were not designed for comfort! But - crouched race-style atop the plot - rider and pillion were well-placed to steer the beast. The lack of leverage from the stubby 'bars meant 'hanging off' through the corners ... an art best acquired with caution! But - with weight distribution correctly addressed - the reward was high-precision handling.

Just as a single letter says so much when it is a 'Z', so a single colour can speak volumes. Every shade in the spectrum has bedecked bikes at one time or another. But seldom has a hue had quite the impact of 'Kawasaki lime-green'. Since the '70s hey-day of the 'Green Meanies' - those evil-handling H2R racers - lime-green has adorned so many 'Kwakkers' that it is virtually a part of the marque. It suited the ZX-6R perfectly. The bike restored Kawasaki's status as sports-bike supremos. 'Zzzzz'? Nah!

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