MV Agusta 500 Four

MV Agusta 500 Four Italian classic racing motorcycle

Atop a monument to motorcycle racing might well sit MV Agusta! It is a mythical marque in the annals of the sport. Between '58 and '74, MV won seventeen 500cc world championships - on the spin!

Among the MV équipe's rider roster, over the years, were some of the most famous names bike racing has known. We are talking Agostini, Surtees, Hailwood, Read! It all began at the back end of the Second World War. Count Domenico Agusta founded Meccanica Verghera - Verghera being the village in which his new firm was based. 'MV' would go on to become the ultimate in red-blooded Italian style!

But, another great Italian marque was key to the MV race-team's success. Chief engineer and manager - Arturo Magni - had been at Gilera, prior to joining MV. What he had learned there helped create a twin-cam 500cc four-cylinder motor. That engine would be the bedrock upon which MV subsequently built. For excelling so much - and for so long - in such a hostile environment, the bike racing world will be forever in awe of MV Agusta. The '500 Four' was a large part of the legend!

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