Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa Japanese superbike

At the time of the Suzuki Hayabusa's release - in 1999 - Honda's Super Blackbird ruled the motorcycle roost. At least, in top speed terms. From Suzuki's viewpoint, that was a statistic which needed to change! The Hayabusa is a Japanese bird of prey. No doubt, one which would be quite partial to a tasty blackbird or two on its travels!

Suzuki's assault on the top speed slot was a three-pronged attack. The Hayabusa - or GSX1300R - was a big bike, with a big engine. So far, so good! It was also relatively light - weighing in at just 473lb dry. Not slimline, as such - but, less than might be expected for a bike of its size. The third term in Suzuki's speed equation was aerodynamics. Its bulbous bodywork may not have been to every taste. But, it made mincemeat of air resistance!

The Hayabusa's 1300cc engine was, essentially, a bigger version of the GSX-R1100 unit. Each iteration of Suzuki's flagship model had refined its core components. So, by the time the Hayabusa came along, the GSX-R package was pretty well primed. Which resolved to around 190mph for the Hayabusa, at full chat. Enough to knock the Super Blackbird off its top speed perch! Mission accomplished, for the Hayabusa. It was now, officially, the fastest road-bike on the planet!

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