Alfa Romeo Carabo

Alfa Romeo Carabo 1960s Italian concept car

The Alfa Romeo Carabo was one of the most influential concept cars ever created. Think Lamborghini Countach, for example! The Carabo was the ultimate in wedge-shaped styling. As diagonal lines go, the one from the tip of its nose - to the top of its roof - was about as dynamic as it gets. That was in sharp contrast to its cute stub of a tail. Not only did that look cool - aerodynamically, it was on the money, too. Concept car, or no, the Carabo had a top speed of 160mph ... or so it was claimed. It was, after all, kitted out with a 230bhp V8!

The Carabo 'concept' was packed with real world parts. Many of them had been honed at the track. Its chassis, for example, was spawned by Alfa Romeo's 'Tipo 33' race-car. That meant double-wishbone suspension, all round - and disc brakes. For a car that was never really intended to be driven - at least, not in anger - the Alfa Romeo Carabo was pretty high-spec!

Marcello Gandini was chief designer. The Carabo's 'scissor-doors' would become a supercar trademark. Not only were they amazing to look at - when fully flung up - they were an engineering tour de force. The car's finish was fittingly flamboyant. Metallic green paint was set off by orange highlights. Light-weight glass - made by Belgian firm VHR-Glaverbel - was copper-tinted. As was to be expected, the Carabo wowed the '68 Paris Motor Show. Nuccio Bertone - and his Turin-based studio - had delivered! Lamborghini lovers, especially, will be forever in his debt.

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