TVR Speed 12

TVR Speed 12 2000s concept car

The TVR Speed 12 concept car followed on from the 'Project 7/12' prototype - named for its 7.0-litre V12 engine. The latter car wowed the crowd, at the 1996 British Motor Show. It had done the same at the racetracks. It made it from 0-60mph, in around 3s. Speed 12 stats were always a tad hazy. The 7/12 was far from forgiving, handling-wise, however ... providing for some splendidly 'hairy' spectating! The 48-valve V12 was, in effect, two 6-cylinder motors combined. A 6-speed 'box did its best to transmit power to the rear wheels. All that was wrapped in a TVR 'Tuscan' modified chassis. With 800bhp output by what was essentially a souped-up sports car, it is not surprising the 7/12 was a popular sight!

But, there was a new chapter to be written for the Project 7/12. In 2000, a new version was unveiled. Now known as the Speed 12, it was everything its predecessor had been - and more! TVR had used the McLaren F1 supercar as a benchmark - which sort of said it all! The F1 was good for 231mph. The TVR was about to top that - with a reputed top speed of 240! That was in no small part down to the Speed 12's weight - or lack thereof. It had been pared down to just 1,000kg. The bodywork was breathtaking to behold - and hyper-light, too. Aerodynamics were a gimme!

Sadly, just a single Speed 12 was built. TVR - based in Blackpool, England - had built a beast of a car, but one which could be fatal, in the hands of the foolhardy! 'TVR' had been founded by TreVoR Wilkinson ... but, Peter Wheeler was now the man at the helm. A seasoned, and skilled racer of his company's products, Wheeler felt that the Speed 12 was simply too powerful to take to the roads. It was mooted that the car might compete at Le Mans - so, he was probably right! The Speed 12 served up some 960bhp. A price tag of £188,000 had been pencilled in. Stunning to look at - and with power to match - TVR's Speed 12 might well have been worth it!

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