Yamaha FZR1000

Yamaha FZR1000 Japanese modern classic sports motorbike

'Genesis' is one heck of a tag to give a motorbike. Talk about having a lot to live up to! But, that is what Yamaha did with the FZR1000. In the beginning, there was the FZR1000 race-bike. That begat the roadster of the same name - which multiplied in great profusion. Or - in other words - it sold in shedloads!

The Genesis topped out at a dizzying 168mph. Power was 140bhp. It tipped the scales at just 461lb dry. 'Upside-down forks', on later models, reduced un-sprung weight - and improved handling. A 17″ front wheel - and radial tyre - raised the bar for road-holding. At the back, a rock-solid swing-arm pivoted on an aluminium twin-spar Deltabox frame. The engine was fitted with an 'electronic exhaust valve system' - Exup - which increased power in the middle of the rev range.

The 'FZR' was consummately well-styled. The twists and turns of its bodywork go every which way! Rather than that being grounds for confusion, though - with the FZR, it 'worked'. In so many ways, then, the Genesis was a blank sheet for designers ... who grabbed the opportunity to move the motorcycle onto new ground.

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