Monday, 10 September 2018

Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior SS100 British vintage motorcycle

When it came to his best-known motorbike, George Brough did not beat about the bush. 'Superior' said it all. And, to be fair, it was! Saying that, Brough - and his small team of Nottingham-based engineers - were responsible only for the frame. The engine, and cycle parts were outsourced. Initially, JAP - and later Matchless - provided the power. All the parts, though, still had to be coaxed to work as one. Brough, and the boys, clearly did a good job ... the SS100 was widely considered to be the best bike in the world!

Brough was among a group of riders, who, time and again, set about proving the Superior's worth. Both at circuits - and in land speed record attempts - the bike was a regular sight, in the '20s and '30s. As usual, racing 'improved the breed'. Tweaks at the track trickled down into mainstream SS100 production.

'Lawrence of Arabia' was in love with Brough Superiors. He owned a succession of them ... all topped off with his trademark stainless steel tank. Sadly, he was to be fatally injured, whilst riding one of them. Of course, his best-known mode of transport was the cantankerous camel. But, for many, no 'ship of the desert' could ever match a Brough Superior steaming along at full chat!

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