BMW K1 1980s German motorbike

Back in the day, it might have been said that BMW motorbikes bordered on the staid. If so, that all changed with the K1. Flair and panache dripped off it. The K1 looked the business - and BMW did plenty of it, as a result!

In engineering terms, the K1 was top-drawer. Then again, BMW know no other way! Suspension was set up per the 'Paralever' system - designed to cater to shaft-drive power trains. The 'K-series' engine featured four horizontally-opposed cylinders. It was fuel-injected, too. The result was 100bhp. And a top speed of 145mph.

The K1 was stylistically stunning. Paint and bodywork blended into a cool mix. 'Cool' had not been a word over-associated with the BMW brand ... at least, not so far as motorcycles were concerned! The K1, though, was a harbinger of things to come, in that regard. BMW would go on to produce some of the best-looking bikes on the planet. And - it went without saying - always with a touch of class!

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