Scott Squirrel

Scott Squirrel British vintage motorcycle

Scott may not be the best-known name in motorcycle history ... but it certainly has its place in it! The British marque won the Senior TT - in both 1912 and '13. And the Scott trial - which began in 1914, and became a bastion of two-wheeled motorsport - was named for the Yorkshire firm. Founded in 1908, Scott went on to produce well-crafted motorcycles for decades to come.

Engineering excellence forged in the crucible of competition, trickled down into roadsters. The Scott Squirrel was the prime beneficiary. The Squirrel came in various flavours. There were Super Squirrels, Sports Squirrels and Flying Squirrels. All came with a 596cc motor - mated to a 3-speed hand-change 'box. Squirrels handled well, looked and sounded good - and skipped to 70mph. That was quick, in the 1920s!

Squirrels had a temperamental side - and were known to play up a bit, from time to time. Their price tags, though, were uniformly hefty. So, as the Squirrels aged, and started to lose their edge, sales declined. To this day, however, there is still many a motorcyclist nuts about Squirrels. Hopefully, a few Scotts have been horded away. That being the case, Squirrels may again become a common sight on the highways and byways of Britain.

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