Ferrari 275 GTB

Ferrari 275 GTB 1960s Italian classic sports car

The Ferrari 275 GTB was not just beautiful to behold - it was technically innovative, too. For example, it brought suspension to the Ferrari table, in a way that had never been seen - or felt - before. The result was a car which looked like $1,000,000 ... and had handling capabilities to match. For once, the Ferrari engine - the alloy 60° V12 - was not the centre of attention. It was trumped by the transmission! For optimal weight distribution - and, with it, top traction - the motor and gearbox were separate. The two were linked on early models by a slender prop shaft - and later, by a stiffer torque tube. When double-wishbone rear suspension was added to the mix, this Ferrari was uniquely positioned to make the most of the 280bhp from its single-overhead-cam motor. An automotive marriage made in heaven, the 275 GTB was exquisitely styled by Pininfarina. Plus, it had 150mph on tap ... every last drop of which could be poured safely onto the tarmac!

Scaglietti built the GTB's body. They were but a stone's throw away from Ferrari's Modena HQ. Scaglietti's steel metalwork was then transferred to Pininfarina, to apply the finishing touches. The GTB's frame was multi-tubular - in familiar Ferrari fashion. There was a set of Borrani alloy wheels - complete with knock-on centre hubs. As sporty 2-seater coupés go, from the outside the GTB was about as good as a Berlinetta gets! The interior did not let the side down, either. Suitably well-equipped, its focal point was the deliciously-designed Nardi steering-wheel.

Launched in '64, there would be several versions of the GTB. '65's 'Series Two' model sported a longer nose, and a smaller air intake. And in '66, the quad-cam GTB/4 was fitted with six carbs and dry-sump lubrication. The wind-in-your-hair option - the GTS - was aimed squarely at fair-weather American buyers. All GTBs are rare - there were only 200 of them built. Especially scarce, however, are the 9 NART Spiders - and the 12 lightweight aluminium racing GTCs. A landmark Ferrari, if ever there was one, the GTB was the point at which the Modena marque transcended mere beauty - and started to deliver on every level. Of course, the perfect road car does not exist. The Ferrari 275 GTB, though, probably came as close as any!

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