Indian Four

Indian Four 1940s American classic motorcycle

As its name suggests, the Indian Four sported a longitudinal inline-four engine configuration. Which provided a top speed of 90mph. Pretty quick, in '42.

The Four's side-valve set-up - 2 per cylinder - gave 40bhp, at 5,000rpm. The longitudinal layout meant overheating could be an issue - as cooling air struggled to find its way to the rear cylinders.

The Four looked every inch the classic American motorcycle. The rakish lines of the fenders were pure Indian. The bike nailed the 'laid-back' look firmly into place. The solo saddle, front forks, and straight exhaust perfectly complemented the relaxed diagonal of the top frame rail. Styling comparisons cannot help but be made with arch-rival Harley-Davidson. But - complete with its in-line motor - the Indian Four was every bit as iconic as anything coming out of Milwaukee. Always open to debate, of course!

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