Daimler Majestic Major

Daimler Majestic Major 1960s British classic car

The Daimler Majestic Major may not appear to have much of the 'performance car' about it. But - at least by the standards of its day - it definitely did. Notwithstanding large dimensions - and a separate chassis - it could run with the best of them. And, it had manoeuvrability to match. Top whack was 122mph. Enough for it to glide with ease past many a sports car. Come the corners - and things were no different. Power steering saw to that. Key to the Majestic Major's speed was a 4.7-litre hemi-head V8. 0-60mph turned up in 9.7s. Impressive acceleration for a car of its bulk. Transmission was via a 3-speed auto.

Few cars cruised the highways and byways of Britain like the Majestic Major. Of course - it being a Daimler - elegance came as standard. The cabin was all one would expect from a car of its pedigree. Leather pews - and a wooden dash - made it home from stately home. Seating arrangements were suitably spacious. The car's black hole of a boot could store every golf club in the catalogue! The limousine version - the DR45 - was tailor-made for the carriage trade. Funeral parlours were especially fond of it. And yet - for all of its upper-crust charms - the Majestic Major had a trace of the common touch. It was drawn by the same designer as the FX4 taxi-cab!

Just 1,180 saloon car versions of the Majestic Major were built. 864 limousines were added to that tally. During its run, Daimler was taken over by Jaguar. At one point, the Daimler engine was ear-marked for a new model of Jaguar's flagship MkX. Sadly, that V8 prototype motor never saw the light of day. It was way quicker than Jaguar's current offering. Too much so, in fact, for the top brass to countenance! The Daimler Majestic Major combined edge-of-your-seat speed with rarefied styling. As such, it was a souped-up steed for that devil-may-care aristocrat in all of us.

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