Triumph Daytona 650

Triumph Daytona 650 2000s British sports bike

When you name your bike after one of the most legendary of race-tracks, it had better deliver! Not a problem for the Triumph Daytona 650. It had a top speed of 160mph. And weighed in at just 363lb dry. Performance - whether in a straight line or through corners - was never going to be an issue.

That said, the Daytona's in-line four engine made a modest 110bhp. The power was unleashed, though, with blistering efficiency. Revs peaked at 12,750rpm. That came courtesy of 16 watercooled valves. A wise man knows never to confuse power with size. The Daytona 600 was not as big as some of its speed merchant rivals ... but it packed a pretty potent punch, nonetheless!

Daytona design was drop-dead dynamic. Taking in all the twists and turns of its bodywork is a time-consuming business. What may have ended up a jumbled mess, was fashioned into an intricate interplay of curves and scallops. There is a 3-D depth to the Daytona. Superior styling - plus tip-top technology - made the Triumph Daytona 650 a sports motorbike dream.

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