B Engineering Edonis

B Engineering Edonis 2000s Italian supercar

Maybe, the best asset a car can have is to be 'made in Modena'! Certainly, that particular part of Italy is now synonymous with the supercar. And, while B Engineering may not have quite the same cachet as, say, Ferrari - it could still hold its own, even in such high-calibre company. B Engineering began as an offshoot of Bugatti - when the latter went bust, in '95. A small group of ex-Bugatti staffers banded together to create their own take on a supercar. A one-off, one-of-a-kind supercar, at that!

'Edonis' is Greek for pleasure. In the case of a supercar, the kind of pleasure that only 720bhp can generate! It came courtesy of a twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Top speed was 223mph. As a result, the Edonis broke the lap record at the Nardo racetrack. Clearly, every component was in sync with the car's colossal power output. Project director Nicola Materazzi led a crack team of engineers. Between them, they had worked for all of the top supercar marques. Just 21 examples of the Edonis were made. The figure referenced the oncoming 21st century!

B Engineering's links with Bugatti stayed strong. Indeed, the owner of the new firm - Jean-Marc Borel - had been Bugatti's vice chairman. 21 carbon-fibre tubs - originally earmarked for the Bugatti EB110 - were now used for the Edonis. And, the latter's 3.7-litre motor was a development of that to be found in the EB110. It was hooked up to a 6-speed manual 'box. The Edonis cost a cool £450,000. From a manufacturer without a proven pedigree. Those in the know, though, did not baulk at the price. Some of the crème de la crème of the supercar industry had stepped up to the plate. For the B Engineering Edonis, quality was never going to be an issue!

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