Royal Enfield Interceptor 750

Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 1960s British classic motorcycle

The Royal Enfield marque may not be as celebrated as some of its 'Brit Bike' brethren. The company logo, though, adorned a long line-up of sturdy, but stylish motorcycles. A prime example was the Interceptor 750.

Power output for the Interceptor 750 was 53bhp. Revs rose smoothly to 6,000rpm. Those stats would no doubt have impressed American buyers - at whom the 750cc capacity had, in large part, been targeted. In truth, the excellence of the engine made up for 'deficiencies' in other departments. The front brake, for example, was not the strongest ... and the forks could have been firmer.

In time, Royal Enfield suffered a financial meltdown. Sadly, it was one from which it never recovered. The Interceptor range had been in production throughout the Sixties. While it might not have been at the forefront of Harold Wilson's 'white heat of technology', the Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 nonetheless showcased some of the best of British innovation, in that dynamic decade. The rights to Royal Enfield were subsequently licensed to India - and the marque became part of the 'retro revival' marketing boom. The Royal Enfield brand now has the kudos of being the longest-surviving motorbike manufacturer. Long may that continue!

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