Aston Martin DBR9

Aston Martin DBR9 2000s GT racing car

First seen in 2005, the Aston Martin DBR9 was the racing version of the DB9 roadster. Saying that, 20 DBR9s were sold privately - so, technically, it was a race/road hybrid. Though, quite how you would do the shopping in a car that took the GT1 Sebring 12 Hours laurels, is anyone's guess. Very quickly, no doubt!

It is not hard to see why the DBR9 won that legendary race - in Florida, USA. The fact that its engine churned out 600bhp would have had a lot to do with it. That power was fed through a 6-speed sequential gearbox - conveniently located on the rear axle. Cutting edge carbon brakes were provided ... and not as an afterthought!

Light weight was a key part of the DBR9's success. Just 2,425lbs needed to be kept in touch with the tarmac. Contrast that with the DB9 - which weighed in at a 'lardy' 3,770lb. Much of the reduction was down to the competition car's carbon-fibre composite body panels. Of course, Aston Martin Racing had designed those panels with aerodynamics at the top of their wish list. An aluminium chassis also helped when it came to scales time. The Sebring win was on the DBR9's maiden outing. For some, it must have conjured up memories of Le Mans, '59 - another famous victory for the great British brand. Aston Martin's race fans had been patient for a long time. But - in the streamlined form of the DBR9 - great things came to those who wait!

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