TVR Sagaris

TVR Sagaris 2000s British sports car

If you bought a TVR Sagaris new, you got a fiver change from £50K. It was not a car which stood on ceremony. Built in Blackpool - on England's NW coast - the Sagaris delivered no-frills performance, in spades. No-frills - not no-thrills! A top speed of 175mph - from 406bhp - made sure of that.

A cursory glance at the Sagaris was enough to get the idea. A transparent rear wing was clue enough. An array of bonnet vents gave the game away. Surely, no car needs to breathe that deeply. Nikolai Smolenski - young Russian oligarch - was taking no chances. In the past, TVR had caught flak, regarding build quality. As a small manufacturer of exotic automobiles, that was always likely to be an issue. So, new owner Smolenski opted to up the ante, reliability-wise. To what extent he succeeded is a moot point. At any rate, a sturdy roll-cage was still installed - for over-zealous pedal-prodders, if nothing else!

Certainly, the Sagaris' straight-six-cylinder engine called for care. On top of its huge power output, the all-aluminium unit turned over 349 lb/ft of torque. As a result, the Sagaris rocketed from 0-60 in 3.7s. 0-100 took 8.1s. Figures like that bespeak precision engineering. It may well have benefited from a bit of Northern grit. After all, sports car development is no walk in the park. Saying that, the TVR Sagaris was always bespoke - never basic!

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