Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB 1960s Italian classic sports car

The Ferrari 250 GT was the base model for the most expensive car ever - that being the GTO, when sold at auction for silly money. It is easy to see where the GTO got it from. In the case of the Berlinetta, bodywork was by Scaglietti. He styled the 250 GT-based competition cars - and their sports siblings. The 'short wheelbase' SWB Berlinetta fell within his remit. Pininfarina helped sort less race-oriented versions of the 250 GT - like the long-wheelbase LWB, for example! Boano, too, had been on the design team.

The Berlinetta was launched in '61. It was not just its styling that was crème de la crème. Its 3.0-litre V12 motor also came hand-crafted. Gioacchino Colombo was an industrial designer at 14. When most young men his age were sticking pictures of cars to their bedroom walls! Suffice it to say he was a prodigy. For 'homework', he designed a supercharger … as you do! When finished, he showed it to Alfa Romeo - who must have marked it A+. At any rate, he was offered a job at Alfa. Several engines later, he was approached by a certain Enzo Ferrari. The maestro was managing Alfa's racing department, at the time. Colombo was by then aged 34.

When Ferrari set up his own car company, Colombo was one of his first hires. The engineman arrived in Modena in '45. Whereupon, he added his own design input to the 250 GT project. With such a wealth of top-drawer talent devoted to it, then, it is little wonder that the GT soared to the heights it did. Scaglietti's Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta was as iconic as a car gets … well, apart from the 250 GTO, of course!

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