AMC AMX 1970s American classic muscle car

The AMC AMX was effectively a stripped-down Javelin. It was a full foot shorter - and weighed a lot less. That made sense - since it was the sole US 2-seater sports car, in '68. It stayed in production until '74. 'AMX' stood for American Motors eXperimental.

When a car sets 106 speed records - in a month - you know you have struck pay dirt! That is what Craig Breedlove did, in February, '68 - behind the wheel of an AMX. No surprise, then, that AMC saw fit to mark his success with 50 red, white and blue AMX Breedlove specials. Back in the real world, the AMX roadster's top speed was 120mph. The SS version - with a 390ci V8 - made at least the claimed 340bhp - and probably a whole lot more. If anything, muscle car stats at the time tended to be understated. Would that were still the case! Built with one eye on the drag strip, just 50 SSs were sold. Partly that was because the SS was supercharged in price, as well as power! If you needed more muscle from a standard AMX, way to go was … well, a Go pack! That gave you a 401ci V8 to play with. Output climbed to 330bhp. Go pack goodies also included uprated brakes, suspension, and wheels and tyres. Virtually a new car, then, really!

Sadly - by '71 - the AMX's muscle car days were numbered. In fact, they were over! By that point, it was no more than an alias for the top-of-the-range AMC Javelin. By '74 - and the end of its run - its superstar status was diminished. In memoriam muscle cars, though, the AMX was as moving as any. And as modish, too. Well, apart from the Mustang, maybe!

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